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Too Much of a Good Thing

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You got your new mask and your new face steamer so you're all set to start your new skin care routine so you can shine like a diamond.

You've been doing this for two weeks now, 4 days a week, but instead of glistening like a fresh glazed donut, you're cracking and peeling like a reptile.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much! While we all want that coveted, no make-up glow and to stay wrinkle free forever, sometimes we tend to overdo it for a quick fix.

Real skin has pores, real skin has wrinkles, real skin has an occasional breakouts or irritation. Don't ruin your skin looking for an overnight miracle. While masks and steam works wonders to clear your pores and tighten and tone, they must be used sparingly.

Masks serve a purpose, acne fighting, dry skin relief, or oil absorbers. Masks work great when used no more than once per week. Once a week is all you need for your mask to be effective. Using your mask too often will lead to dry skin and possibly more breakouts and irritation. Once a week, any mask you choose for your skin type will suffice; real results take time. Slow and steady wins the race!

Same can be said when using face steams. Any overuse will lead to dry and irritated skin. Weekly facials are enough to get your skin glowing and healthy, not Photoshop perfect. The key is to remain diligent, even during the purging phase (breakouts will occur when starting new products or when clearing out your pores; keep going) when you think you're going through puberty like a preteen with all the pimples that pop-up.

The key to any skincare routine is to give new products at least 30 days to see how your body reacts and how it works for you. Everything ain't for everybody, especially when it comes to skin care. Don't wash too frequently, twice a day is good. Don't overuse masks or steamers, once a week is sufficient. And don't give up too quickly, it take at least 30 days for new products to be effective and show results.

The goal is healthy skin, not perfect skin.

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Omg, I so love this website I am super proud of your accomplishments!!

In what order do you apply each product? I see you have them numbered but I was not sure.

Mar 22, 2021
Replying to

Thank you 😊

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