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DIY Skin Brightening Mask

I get a lot of requests for skin brightening and scar treatments so I wanted to share with you something I make at home for personal use. I prefer coconut milk for its' own skin lightening properties but regular milk works too. Since milk is more effective than water I don't sell this since the shelf life is short and best refrigerated. This recipe won't travel well and would require more preservatives than I like to use.

Since this recipe is not shelf stable, you would need to keep it refrigerated and use it up within two weeks. I use it for dark undereye circles, acne scars, underarms, knees, and elbows. Works great on the bikini line too.

In a small air tight jar or bowl, combine

•1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

•2 Tablespoons of kaolin clay or Hawlistics RaSoul clay mask if you have that on hand

•1/2 Tablespoon of honey

•1/2 coconut milk or regular milk

Mix together to form a paste. If too thick, add more liquid, one teaspoon at a time until consistency is spreadable.

Apply to the areas mentioned above for 20 minutes, 4 times a week. Rinse off completely, pat dry, and follow with your favorite skin care products. Repeat weekly until desired result is achieved.

Store in the refrigerator and trash any unused product after two weeks.

Let me know if you try this recipe and how it works for you. Results will vary.


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