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Act fast against acne

Wearing a paper/cloth face mask for 8+ hours a day is wreaking havoc on my skin. Several people have shared with me that they're experiencing the same after long periods of wearing face coverings.

The dirt and impurities deep in your skin

combined with the moisture from your breath seem to make the pimples appear immediately. But with any pimple, it's appears almost instantly but takes forever to get rid of.

Looks like face coverings will be a part of our lives for an indefinite amount of time so here are some tips to help clear up your skin and keep the breakouts at bay.

The best way to clear up the irritation is to wash your face immediately after removing your mask 😷. The double cleanse method (oil based cleanser followed by a water based face wash) works best for getting dirt and impurities deep down in your pores to keep the pimples from rearing their ugly head. Wash twice daily for best results, once with the double cleanse method and once with just a water based cleanser.

Once or twice a week make sure to incorporate and clay mask in your routine. Clay mask almost always clear my skin up in one day. Mask up as part of your nightie routine, pimples are usually gone in the morning. I have two types of clay masks available and both work to clear up those imperfections. A good face steam works pretty good too so you can always add that weekly as well.

Lastly, don't skip the moisturizer. Lack of moisture on the surface of your skin will trigger your body to make more sebum this causing excess oil and yup, more breakouts.

Follow this routine daily and weekly and let me know if you're seeing improvement in your skin.

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