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Face Care Routine

So, I've been getting a lot of questions about my products and in which order to use them. Skin care can be confusing, especially as you get older 🤫 and more products are necessary. I wanted to give you guys a little guide on how to use each product and in which order to use them. Each product has directions for use but it doesn't come with instructions on how or when to use them. Here goes nothing...

You always want to start with face wash. In the morning I normally just go for Flower Power (I have normal to dry skin) or you can opt for Oh, Honey if you tend to be oily or combo. At night, after your precious face has been exposed to the elements and makeup, you want to start with a cleansing balm then a face wash. Hence the five part steps above ☝🏼. Step one is essentially a two stepper but only at night. Unless you want to indulge in a soothing face massage twice a day, it's really your preference.

Secondly, you want to tone. Face wash (soap), is highly alkaline, whereas our face is slightly acidic. Toner will rebalance your facial pH to a normal level before applying any other products. Toner can minimize pores, provide hydration, and calm irritated skin. Rub toner in with a cotton pad or your hands.

Next you want to apply your serums. Serums are the "medicine" you apply to your skin to address any issues or just for a healthy glow and a nutrient boost to your delicate facial skin. Apply your serum in an upward motion. Gravity is already working on your face so let's not give it any more help.

Lastly, you want to seal all that goodness in with moisturizer. Lotions will come first (can be worn alone) because they contain water. Any oils applied will prohibit the water from penetrating your skin so you want to apply those last. Silky Smooth satin face moisturizer works great at hydrating your skin if your dry to normal, or keeping it from creating excess oil, for all my oily babes. It really is great at working double duty. Last step, and I mostly do this at night, is your oil. Rose Gold or So Fresh create a barrier to keep all that goodness in. Both oils work the same but have different purposes. Rose Gold is made with the healing properties of roses and the anti-aging benefits of rosehip oil. So Fresh is made with jojoba oil, which is the closest you can get to your skins own sebum and a little rosehip for good measure.

Phew! I hope that makes sense. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to me with ANY questions.

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disregard that last comment please Im just reading it again. Thanks💚

Mar 22, 2021
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I'll put instructions in the box too

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