Introducing, Home by Hawlistics. A new blend of all natural, coconut, soy, and palm waxes for a safer way to enjoy your favorite scents. 

No soot, clean burning, with exceptional fragrance throw. The wood wick enhances the experience with a soft crackle and the comforting smell of wood burning fire.

Available now for a limited time in four comforting scents: Lavender Vanilla, Cinnamon Sugar, Pina Colada, and Cigar Bar.

*Coconut wax burns slower and longer than soy candles with about 58-60 hours burn time. Due to the nature of your wood wick, little to no trimming is required. 

If your flame is burning too high, over 1", carefully extinguish, let cool, and trim the excess burn. Discard trimmings from the candle tops. 

If your flame goes out repeatedly, remove some of the excess melted wax with a napkin or paper towel and relight. 

Candles have memory and therefore it is best to achieve a complete melt, which is about 2 to 3 hours, before extinguishing your candle to avoid tunneling. Discard the remainder of your candle when about 1/4" of wax remains  

All Hawlistics' candles come in a 10 oz recyclable or reusable glass jar.

Home by Hawlistics


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