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My Story

I have had issues with my skin since my teenage years. Dry patches, occasional breakouts (still get those btw), redness, sensitivity, T-zone oiliness, and now wrinkles 😫. I have tried just about every skin care products on the market that promised to help me with my skin troubles...but nothing changed.

I came across some natural skin care methods when researching how to care for kinky, curly hair (my daughter's beautiful mane). I discovered carrier oils and butters. I began mixing stuff together to see what would work and some, not so much. I also discovered how much I was saving making these things on my own. As a single mom, when I tell you my budget was tight, I mean tighter than a babies grip on your hair. This made me happy and it made my daughter's hair healthier than its ever been. So, I began more research into natural hair care and found out how many of the same oils and butters I use in her hair can also be used on the skin. And there my love for natural skin care began.

Being a busy mom, I didn't always have the time or all the equipment to make all the products myself so I looked into other retailers and some the prices were WAY out of my price range, so in the kitchen I went. That's where my love and passion for making affordable, natural skin care began. I only made them for my personal use but during a recent pandemic, I was blessed with more time to focus on my craft and share them with you. I hope my products transform your hair and skin the same way they have mine.

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