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Butters vs Lotion

Making natural skin care, I thought everyone knew what natural butters were and how to use them but I've been finding that that is not the case. I want to shed a little light on the difference between butters and lotions so you can choose the best for you.

Butters are derived from natural sources such as seeds, nuts, or beans. They are thicker than lotions and do not contain any water. And just like with any butter, they are a little greasy. Natural butters are great at keeping moisture in the skin but not so great at adding moisture to the skin.

Lotions are created by blending oils/butters with water to create an emulsion that will add moisture to your skin because of the water content. Most lotion absorbs into the skin while butters generally sit on top.

Both of these products are very beneficial to the skin on their own but they work even better together. It takes two, right?

During the winter months when there is very little moisture in the air, it is ideal to use first, a lotion then butter to seal all that hydration in. In the summer months when the weather is pretty warm and sticky, butters work well on their own to seal in the moisture. This works double duty in keeping your sweat at a minimum since the butters act as a barrier. Yay!!

So natural butters are wonderful skin protectors while lotions are the foundation. Your choice in moisturizer really comes down to personal preference and skin type. I go back and forth between the two, depending on my mood and how my skin's behaving.

Lotions and butters come in all different varieties and purposes but that I will save for another day 😊

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